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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Time Librarian's "Great Expectations"

Hi all. I'll be joining in for my first reading challenge online. Scanning my shelves at home already threw up several candidates, so a preliminary list might be something like ....
Prelude : A Christmas Carol / Charles Dickens (I need something to read between now and New Year)
1. Nicholas Nickleby / Charles Dickens
2. The Moonstone or The Woman in White / Wilkie Collins
3. Farriers Lane / Anne Perry (murder mystery set in Victorian England)
4. One of the Sherlock Holmes books / Arthur Conan Doyle
5. Vanity Fair / Thackeray
6. A good biography of Victoria - any recommendations?

There are so many other candidates - we shall be amused for some time.



I like that prelude idea, Warren. What a splendid idea!:)
About Victoria's bio, I was recommended Victoria R. I. by Elizabeth Longford and Queen Victoria: A Personal History by Christopher Hibbert. I have the first on my TBR and I plan to get to it very soon.

Jenny Girl

Very good list. I throughly enjoyed Vanity Fair. Hope you will too


Hey! I'm reading A Christmas Carol also right now.


Great list! I really want to read Vanity Fair but I'm not sure I can fit it into the time-frame.

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