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Friday, December 19, 2008

Laura's Reading List

Laura's (retroredux's) list. I'm going for a tour of Buckingham Palace:)

My Choices-in no particular order:
1-Some Danger Involved-Will Thomas
2-Mesmerized-Candace Camp
3-The Companion-Ann Granger
4-Splendid You-Lynn Bailey
5-Those Who Hunt The Night-Barbara Hambly
6-The Treasure-Suzanne Robinson

Alternates (in case any of the above 6 are too bad to finish)-I'm not a "must finish book no matter how much I hate it kinda girl"-if it doesn't grab me I stop and move on to another book:):

Death At Bishop's Keep-Robin Paige
Albert's Victoria-Tyler Whittle
The Blazing Tree-Mary Jo Adamson
White Lace-Caroline Bourne


The Holistic Knitter

Great list - there's some i'd like toread on it ;0)

Jenny Girl

Me too! Great idea posting alternatives. I also don't believe in finishing books I do not like. There are too many others to try.


I'm not familiar with these titles, but I look forward to your reviews :)


Laura, I'm already adding some of these to my wishlist! You've done some really great choices.;-)


Thanks everyone! As to the alternatives-yep, my motto is "too many unread books to waste on one you are not enjoying."


I changed #4 to Sherlock In Love by Sena Jeter Naslund (the first book I submitted), so I'm finished with my six:). Thanks for letting me join, this was a lot of fun! Laura

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