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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

I finished reading Wuthering Heights last week for the second time. It had been a good ten years since I had read it for the first time, but it felt timely to read it again. It was referenced excessively in Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse and also in the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Schafter and Annie Barrows. I wanted to remind myself what all of the fuss was about.

I found myself discovering once again that Heathcliff is not the romantic hero that modern sensibilities portray him. He is actually an unlikeable man that has more in common with a villian than a hero. His only redeming quality is his excessive love for Catherine, but even that love seems to be too much.

Why is this book so beloved? I believe it is the characters. They are so vivid and well written. It is also the imaginative plot. That Heathcliff has the will to go through with his vengence even though it takes 20 years, is something that one can not put the book down for wanting to read.

I could write about this book forever . . . and I do write a long plot summary and more thoughts if yoiu are interested on my blog.


Jenny Girl

I've tbeen thinking about re-reading this classic myself. Masterpiece Theater on PBS recently re-did this movie. It runs for two weeks and starts this Sunday. Masterpiece movies are truly beautiful with their re-tellings.

Laura's Reviews

I love masterpiece theatre too and am looking forward to seeing Wuthering Heights on it! I am excited that the novel will get the "long" treatment rather than the abreviated movie treatments of the past.

Bostan natsuko

I did agree with you about hethcliff, but he was a romantic. He had alot of love for cathy, and if she did what he did, she would i am sure be called crazy.And in her way she did, she acted to the end of her death. THat was the way she delt with the excess of love for Hethcliff. Cathy and Hethcliff were so much of the same person, and when she died he felt revenge for every one that tore them apart. but inside anger and badness was all he knew when she was gone, and grief was so much apart of him that anger was his way of hiding his love and sadness.I do not mean to deffend him, because that is really not any good reason, but they did love eachother so much the same.

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